It is A Good Idea To Grow Your Own Herbs

You may well not want to take the time it takes to maintain a garden of fruits or vegetables. Developing an herb garden may well be a good choice. If you carry out a great deal of cooking with herbs, you are going to be able to have fresh herbs on demand. There are plenty of herbs, and you are going to have to select which ones you would like to plant. You can start off by selecting herbs that you typically use to cook with.
This way your herbs are going to be fresh and you won't have to pay for them at the grocery store. Once you first start out, you might want to plant basil, dill, mint, sage, chives, rosemary or parsley. It is important that the soil is able to drain water effortlessly since the herbs will not grow well if the water sits. If there is a drainage issue, you may want to drill down around a foot deep and layer it with crushed rocks then add soil. The water is able to drain correctly and your plants will begin to grow well.
You might be tempted to buy plants from the store that are higher priced, when you are ready to start planting, but you shouldn't do that. It is a much better idea to simply grow your herbs from a seed and it is much cheaper. Herbs like mint grow very fast so you could have a garden blanketed in these herbs in a matter of days. Aggressive plants should be planted in pots, with holes in the bottom for drainage, and this will prevent the problem. When you harvest your herbs, you will need to be careful. Your plant needs to be healthy before you remove any of the leaves or it can be fatal to your plant.
You might want to wait a couple of months so that your plant can become strong enough for you to start using the leaves. If you try this, your plant will continue producing healthily for years. You will want to begin to use your herbs in food preparation, once your delicious home grown herbs have been harvested. With regard to selected herbs, you need to dry them first by placing them on a cookie sheet and baking them for about two to four hours at a temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you have dried them, you will be ready to use them in your cooking.
You should contemplate undertaking an herb garden, especially if you appreciate gardening and like herbs. You will go through some trial and error when you start your herb garden. There after all that is left is to pick the herbs and then dry them.

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